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One Day Workshops:

Follow-up workshop – Day 4

Using Attention Autism to deliver Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum objectives

An inspiring day presented by Gina Davies working in partnership with Lyndsay Barlow

If you want to learn how to deliver your curriculum in a fun and fascinating way then this day is for you. The workshop challenges you to develop your expertise in using the Attention Autism programme to deliver the curriculum.

(This follow up workshop assumes participants have attended Workshops Day 1 and Day 2 Attention Autism workshops and are familiar with the 4 stage programme of intervention.)

Perhaps your ‘bucket time’ session is running as a standalone part of the timetable, separate from the curriculum? The Attention Autism Programme can be a vehicle for your curriculum delivery. After all the children love it so why not use it to bring all the engagement it inspires to learning objectives?

The curriculum objectives and smart targets are step one in the planning process. Step two is thinking about what you will do to make it possible for the child to achieve them. This day will provide participants with the opportunity to deliver curriculum objectives in a way that inspires the child to engage in dynamic and meaningful learning.

  • Developing ways to create a meaningful context for teaching curriculum objectives
  • Building, practising and establishing skills to ensure strategies are used across the school day
  • Establishing the processes and strategies the child needs to access the curriculum in a way that makes sense to them and works for them in their lives.
  • Using the Attention Autism programme to deliver both Prime and Specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
  • How to provide activities with density of learning opportunity
  • How to run sessions with differentiation of learning objectives to meet individual needs
  • How to exploit sessions to develop understanding of language and spontaneous communication
  • Practical hands on experience and coaching with activities
  • Problem solving and identifying curriculum areas that can be targeted in Attention Autism sessions
  • Strategies for individualising the intervention and differentiating learning outcomes


  • Understanding how to use the curriculum in your attention autism sessions to deliver curriculum objectives
  • Strategies for extending attention and listening skills
  • Techniques and activities to make curriculum objectives motivating and fun
  • Understand how to embed the Attention Autism core strategies throughout the school day
  • Developing and understanding how to create opportunities to extend the breadth and depth of the application of EYFS curriculum
  • How to create inspiring activities with readily available materials
  • How to individualise and differentiate curriculum objectives to meet the needs of each child.

Benefits to Staff

  • Develop a greater understanding of how to use the Attention Autism programme to deliver curriculum objectives
  • Confidence in applying the attention autism core strategies throughout the day
  • The opportunity to gain hands on experience with feedback and coaching
  • Understanding of how the delivery of an activity can inspire and motivate children to enjoy learning
  • Confidence in generating engaging ideas for activities using readily available materials
  • Opportunities to practice setting up and leading group activities.

Lyndsay Barlow

Lyndsay Barlow is an experienced specialist autism teacher. Her previous roles have included being a Senior Leader in a special school and as the Director of Autism had responsibility for the Autism Provision within that school. The Autism Provision catered for children 3 to 19 years of age with a statement of SEN indicating autism and associated learning difficulties.

Prior to that Lyndsay lead and managed the Autism Service within a Local Authority and was responsible for fostering the effective inclusion of children and young people with autism in mainstream schools.

Lyndsay is now an Independent Autism consultant supporting families in the home and Attention Autism Projects in Early Years provision, schools and after schools services.

She is also an Attention Autism Advanced Practitioner delivering Attention Autism Training to many schools and Local Authorities that is consistently evaluated as inspiring!

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