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One Day Workshops:
Followup Workshop – Day 3

Workshop 3 – Attention Autism with a focus on literacy in the curriculum

An inspiring day presented by Gina Davies working in partnership with Louise Coigley

A one-day workshop for people who have attended Days 1 and 2 Attention Autism training or have taken part in an Attention Autism programme. The workshop focuses on taking your practice to the next level, exploiting and incorporating areas of the curriculum and use of the techniques across a child’s day. The day includes a range of new activities and the opportunity for each participant to develop expertise in hands-on practical sessions.

  • Introducing storytelling techniques, and how these can be incorporated into the Attention Autism framework and encourage spontaneous communication
  • Introducing direct links between book themes and supporting activities and games using the Attention Autism 4 stages
  • The practicalities of an intervention that is motivating for both adult and group and achieves curriculum objectives
  • The methodology and practice that underpins the intervention
  • Demonstration of the techniques in action
  • Using film footage, examples of strategies and content in action with children
  • Ideas for five books/story based activities that allow for lots of practice of attention skills whilst motivating literacy skill development
  • Practical hands-on-experience and coaching with activities
  • Problem solving and identifying curriculum areas that can be targeted in attention sessions
  • Strategies for individualising the intervention


  • Understanding how to use the curriculum in your attention sessions and meet curriculum targets
  • Strategies for extending attention and listening for longer
  • Techniques and activities to make core literacy skills motivating and fun
  • How to developing an interest in a wide range of stories and books
  • Ways of weaving rhyme, rhythm and repetition into attention activities
  • Ways of building phonic knowledge and reading skills within attention sessions
  • Understanding of how to create meaningful opportunities to extend and use literacy and numeracy skills

Benefits to staff

Confident and fluent use of:

  • visually supported communication skills that support the development of literacy skills
  • adapted and modified language use to increase understanding and spontaneous expressive communication and an awareness of the roles of rhyme, rhythm and repetition in supporting literacy skills
  • the role of non-verbal communication plays in increasing engagement and providing an outlet for expression
  • engagement as a fundamental technique for developing an interest in the sequence of a story, its plot and the role of characters
  • demonstration and modelling as core intervention strategies
  • delivery of activities that inspire children’s attention and motivate communication and an interest in books and stories
  • techniques and activities which target individual and learning goals/ objectives

Louise Coigley

Louise Coigley is a Speech and Language Therapist and Storyteller. Her method – Lis’n Tell: live inclusive storytelling – has an international reputation for inspiring children with speech, language and communication needs to take part in a story, and motivating them to develop their social, communication and literacy skills.

Lis’n Tell is being taken up as an approach in specialist schools for children with autistic spectrum conditions, and by parents of autistic children at home. In 2012, Louise worked with The National Autistic Society (NAS).

The way adults respond to children aged 2-18 years, of different abilities, has been shown to change radically through Lis’n Tell, enabling children to show more of what they know, communicate more spontaneously and learn.

Louise has trained teaching teams as well as speech and language therapy departments, across the UK, and in Greece, Nova Scotia, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Malta. Her co-performed show recently was in the Hit list top five of children’s shows at The Edinburgh Fringe. As well as travelling to deliver training and run workshops with children, Louise teaches at Greenwich Medway University. She also works as a speech and language therapist with individuals and families and in a Rudolf Steiner school for children with emotional behavioural difficulties, many with autism.

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