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Frequently Asked Questions

The Curiosity Program – Online Workshop

Is the course just for Speech and language therapists?

No, all are welcome. This course is for those working face to face with the children in homes / schools / pre-school settings and clinics. Many of the course participants are speech and language therapists and teachers but the course is open to all and reflects our commitment working in partnership with parents and getting practical with multi-disciplinary intervention.

My child is 2 years old is he too young?

No, this is the one for you!

This course is designed to provide practical help for those living and working with the very young child who are struggling to develop communication and interaction.

It is hard for very young children to flourish in a group intervention as they need the nurturing responsiveness of a 1:1 adult. If child is in a small group setting such as a baby room in a day care centre then this intervention can provide the basis for shared 1:1 time with a staff member.

Can I use this project with a child who has not got a diagnosis but where there are concerns about their development?

Yes, this intervention is based on sensitive interpretation of the normal developmental progression in establishing communication and interaction skills. Some children seem to have difficulty getting started and if anxieties about autism are raised as the possible reason, difficulties quickly escalate and things get difficult for the family. 

This intervention will do no harm if the child is not autistic and will certainly help establish shared good times to counter balance anxieties that might be interrupting the flow between child and parents. It helps establish ways of getting connected with the child and supports playful interactions which provide great opportunities to encourage communication and social interaction. The intervention focuses on establishing the interactions and style of reciprocal social communication that help the child learn how to learn and flourish with engaged curiosity in the world around them.

Do you need any special equipment for the intervention?

No, the activities are based on the creative use of materials readily available at home, in schools or in supermarkets/pound shops etc. The intervention is very much about how to have a great time using the things we have got but perhaps presenting then and using them in different ways.

Can I train other people once I have attended the online Curiosity workshop?

The online Curiosity workshop day is designed to give you a practical intervention that helps you set up and follow through 1:1 intervention with a child and his family or carer or to form the foundation of your own hands on work 1:1 with a child. 

If you are interested in running training based on the Curiosity programme you will need a licence to do so. The licence is only available to Attention Autism Advanced Practitioners who have completed additional training on the Curiosity programme.

Where is the training run?

The Curiosity Programme training is an online course. Attendees will need a laptop, tablet or desktop computer and a reasonable connection to the Internet.

How long does the training day run?

The workshop consists of five 75 minute sessions.