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Attention Autism™ Face to Face Foundation Level Training in Monaghan, Ireland
Delivered by Aideen Ruttledge Dates: 9:30, 20th and 21st August
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Attention Autism™ Face to Face Foundation Level Training 2 Day Training in Sheffiled
Delivered by Marianna Limnaiou Dates: Tuesday 16th and 17th October
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Attention Autism Foundation Level Face to Face Training in Uxbridge
Delivered by Jaci Smith Dates: 9:15, Thursday 14th and 21st November
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Attention Autism Online Course;

Attention Autism at Home Online Training for Parents
Delivered by Lorraine Scott and Anna Burke Dates: 7:15 – 8:30pm, 22nd August through to 24th September
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Attention Autism Level 1 Online Training for Professionals
Delivered by Julie Mellor Dates:11.15am – 12.30pm 11th September through to 3rd October October
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Attention Autism Level 2 Online Coaching Training 2 day course
Delivered by Lyndsay Barlow
Dates: 9.30 16th October and 6th November
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Curiosity Programme online;

Curiosity Programme Training
Delivered by Jaci Smith Dates:10:00am – 11:15am Monday 16th September through to 14th October
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Curiosity Programme Face to Face;

Curiosity Programme Face to Face Training in Guildford
Delivered by Lyndsay Barlow
Dates: 09:15, Tuesday 10th September,
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    The Home of Attention Autism

Attention Autism at Home

An online Attention Autism training programme for parents.

7.5 hours of live training online with Gina Davies.

In this series of six workshops, you will learn how to successfully set up the Attention Autism programme in your home – you and your child will learn how to connect, get focused attention, keep it and share it.

We need to create lots of these times so you can help your child develop and learn.

The Attention Autism programme looks at ways to engage your child, build connections and communication and set up skills that work for life.

We will cover all 4 stages of the Attention Autism Programme, and discuss the ideas behind it, using real-life examples to show exactly how and why it works.

The training will be taught in four parts:

    • How the Attention Autism programme works
    • Getting set up
    • Running the 4 Stage Attention Autism programme
    • Planning for the future and keeping going

The Attention Autism Programme is designed for use with children who can talk and those who can not. In the online groups for the parents of children over 5 years the training is divided into a group for those who can talk and a group for those who don’t talk yet.

The need to broaden the children’s horizons to get the thinking and connections going is important for children of all abilities and ages and there is a great deal they can learn.

Perhaps you are wondering if your child is ready for the programme.

Although we appreciate that every child is unique, we would recommend giving it a go with any child over the age of 2.5 yrs-3 years old.

Please ensure that you book the correct course for your child as the course`s content is specifically designed for the various groups.

If a course is full then new courses will be scheduled soon.

Course content

Week 1

Session 1

  1. An introduction to the ideas that drive Attention Autism
  2. Understanding how attention develops and the ways to work round the things that are difficult for your child in this area of development
  3. Involving the family
  4. Getting practical and ready to set up a session.


Session 2

  1. Starting the Attention Autism Programme
  2. Introducing Stage 1, The Bucket
  3. Modelling talking to increase the chance of spontaneous communication
  4. Ideas and resources
  5. Sorting the practicalities and making it personal to your child

Week 2

Session 3

  1. Working out when you are ready for the next stage in the programme
  2. Introducing Stage 2
  3. Using words to label things, make comments and develop understanding
  4. Ideas and resources
  5. Tackling any problems and sharing successes!

Week 3

Session 4

  1. Holding the boundaries cheerfully
  2. Playing and taking part for fun
  3. Introducing stage 3
  4. Understanding how shifting attention can lead to successful turn taking
  5. Ideas for games and activities.

Week 4

Session 5

  1. Getting the practice in and enjoying sessions
  2. Using fun and laughter to help with frustrations and confusions
  3. Getting ready for stage 4 and knowing when to start
  4. Ideas and resources


Session 6

  1. Understanding how to use the things learnt so far across the day
  2. How to develop vocabulary and spontaneous communication
  3. Working through the things that might go wrong and staying on track
  4. Keeping going!


Importantly this training will help you create exciting and joyful times together – the best way for everyone to learn!

How much is it?

This course is available for parents ONLY, at the cost of £210.00 per person,
and is limited to 25 places to give each parent the space they need to be heard.

The course can only be booked and paid for online using the booking system.

Use the sidebar to book or click HERE for details on all our courses.

Look forward to seeing you online and yes, there will be buckets!